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 Bientech International Sea Port Quality Assurance

Monitoring and Maximizing Quality
The Bientech Team will use an established process of customer delivery quality assurance to ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction with the quality of services provided. Continuous and regular quality assurance reviews will take place throughout the performance of all tasks awarded. Such processes as 360-degree performance reviews, regular status reports from the Bientech Int. Team to the customer, and regular customer feedback mechanisms will establish a two-way communication between the customer and our team. Our team’s QA management will provide oversight for conducting project audits and reviews to ensure that all performance and contractual requirements are being met.

The Bientech Team will utilize its past performance experience in commercial best practices, such as Six Sigma,  IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)guidelines, and other business process improvements, to maximize quality of services delivered to the customer.

 Guaranteeing Customer Responsiveness and Cooperation
The Bientech Int. Team is committed to guaranteeing the highest possible level of responsiveness to our customers and cooperating to the fullest extent to resolve any issues and address requirements as they arise. We work together with our customers to ensure that our team is providing the appropriate and necessary services and addressing any and all concerns. A primary point of contact is assigned for each task order, with alternate POCs as backup, to be able to respond efficiently and expeditiously to the customer. The Navy customer POC will be assured of an open line of communication with the Bientch Int. Team POC. The Bientech Int. Team will conduct regularly scheduled meetings that have been established with the customer, to discuss project coordination, review progress of scheduled milestones, and address risk mitigation for the program.

Problem Resolution Approach
Our problem resolution approach to potential issues arising throughout the life of a contract
delivery is to first handle communication with the assigned points of contact for the particular
work. We assure the customer that if this first line of approach to report, address, or resolve
potential conflicts or issues is ineffective, Bientech Int Team senior management will quickly address the issue and reach resolution. Our senior management will continually be available to the customer to discuss any and all concerns.

The Bientech Int Team will use the regularly scheduled project reporting meetings with the customer to discuss and address any problems encountered within the program.

In addition our company quality policy for all our endeavors prevails we are personally committed to continuously improve our products and services, based on innovative applications of science and technology, to deliver solutions of the highest value thereby providing competitive advantage to our customers. We have an uncompromising commitment to providing our customers with quality products and services, while meeting high moral and ethical standards in the performance of our jobs. Quality performance means two things: First, we take pride in satisfying our customers by delivering work that meet their specified requirements at the agreed price and terms. Secondly, we commit to continuously improve our process by which we provide our services, so that our work meets requirements and it is done right the first time.

We recognize that our customer’s appraisal of our performance is critically important to our overall reputation and that our customers’ satisfaction is the key factor to our success and grow. We invite all of our customers to let us know, what you think of our performance, and how we can serve you better, by submitting our Client Feedback form.


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