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BienTech in the News

BienTech CEO recognized by  Women In Defense and  Industry  leaders for  championing federal changes in legislation for WOSB

August 05, 2009. San Diego NDIA Gold Coast

BienTech  wins  DISA Contract  with Northrop Grumman Corporation team.

June 26, 2009 – Reston, VA

BienTech wins  RF  contract with General Dynamics Corporation team

Dec 2008- San Diego CA

BienTech wins Cost Engineering Contract  for  the US NAVY- with ActioNet’s team and SAIC

August 20,  2008- San Diego

BienTech wins  Navigation Technology Contract– with SAIC team

September 2008, San Diego CA

BienTech signs  agreement with SOA Software of Beverly Hills California.

August 2008- Beverly Hills CA

BienTech CEO – Chair SOA Panel with Industry leaders  and SME.

October 16, 2008. San Diego CA

BienTech CEO named AFCEA of the Month by AFCEA International – as the Technical Panels Chair  for MILCOM 2008

Dec 2008- San Diego CA


BienTech Supports San Diego Sciences Festival

March 2009- San Diego

BienTech CEO Joins  ARCS International- Board

April, 2009- San Diego CA

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