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Business Services & Technology Management Consulting

Our team helps your executives translate great ideas into vision—a vision that can be clearly communicated throughout the entire organization.

We then translate your vision into guidelines for creating quick and sustainable improvements to your bottom line. We assist in focusing your technology organization on the key customers and markets essential to your success and finding creative and agile ways to capture additional profits. As we work together to create a clear vision for improved efficiency of your business, we also consider all aspects of planning, from sales to delivery. With our international staff of MBA’s and highly trained professionals, we’re dedicated to pushing the envelope,developing increasingly sophisticated and effective methodologies and approaches.  Our custom business services include:

  •     Market Research
  •     Strategic Planning
  •     Manage Domestic and International Projects and Teams
  •     Business Growth and Reorganization
  •     Program Product and Supplier Management
  •     Outsourcing, Identifying Strategic Partners
  •     Business Development and Marketing to potential customers
  •     Procurement and Operations Management
  •     Knowledge Management Human Resources including Personnel, Staffing and Training       Support Services
Interested? Use contact us at getinfo@bientech.net or call us at 858 531 1322 or click our  Complete Services listings

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